BLO-UK Alcohol Breathalyser and Portable Breath Tester with Digital LCD Screen

Blo-UK Personal Breathalyser helps give your active blood alcohol content (BAC) levels before you ever get in your car, so you know exactly if you’re unsafe to drive.

  • Personal Alcohol Breath Tester
  • Compact and Portable Machine
  • Fast, Accurate Readings in Seconds
  • Measures Blood Alcohol Content (BAC)
  • Smart for Home, Event, and Travel Use

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accurate blood alcohol content results

Monitor your blood alcohol content(BAC) level after you've spent the evening drinking to ensure you're safe to get behind the wheel.

Ensure you never blow over the legal limit with a portable, personal breathalyser tester that helps keep you safer when you’ve spent the evening having a good time.



Fast, Highly
Accurate Results

Designed using a super sensitive semiconductor sensor system our portable alcohol tester lets you know if you’re over the legal BAC limit and issues an automatic alarm sound you if you’ve exceeded 0.05% BAC.

Compact And
Portable Design

FREE carrying bag included – Small enough to keep in your car, purse, backpack or briefcase our portable breathalyser makes it easier to test yourself before you travel, get in a car, meet people at work, or simply stay ahead of personal goals.

Hygienic Mouthpieces

Every Blo-UK breath alcohol tester also comes with 10 clear BPA-free mouth tips that make it easier to quickly test yourself or a friend and dispose of them with sharing the same tip every time.

how to use

1. Insert 2 AA batteries

2. attach a mouth piece

3. press the start button to initialization countdown

4. blow for 3-4 seconds once "blo" displayed

what our customers say

My boss bought the entire office floor these amazing and handy devices. Many DUIs happen the next morning... we are so fortunate to not have to risk our jobs, family and more by having this in our pocket! My husband is a police officer, and this was the same accuracy as his field sobriety kit! It should be mandatory to have these in your glovebox...


Speedy delivery and well packaged. It's very easy to use and comes with ten disposable mouthpieces, clear instructions and a big green display on the readout screen. Takes out the guess work, it's an excellent product.

-Mr A R Chapman

Very easy to work and understand the readings. After dealing with a tough family life this really helps to maintain the situation with an alcoholic.

-Emily landless

protect yourself and others before you get behind the wheel with a personal breathalayser tester from BLO-UK


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