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Does the trick

For the price, it's great. Not perfectly accurate, but good enough to test your ketones throughout the day. For example, my wife thrives on soda and carbs, but she tried it and it registered a 2, meaning she was on the borderline of ketosis, which was definitelynot the case. It's probably a rebranded breathalyzer, because if you have a few drinks, your reading will be high, even the next morning. For the price, I have no complaints. For perfect accuracy you'll want to test blood instead.

Cheap and effective

It is quite effective for such a little cost. Only thing bad to say about it is you have to divide your reading by 10 to get your actual BAC, which you get used to.

It works!

I am totally satisfied with the device, it works. I am in high state of ketosis, it measures higher numbers after my meal, which makes sense. I’ve tested my partner for ketones ( he doesn’t follow the keto diet) and his number for ketones was close to nothing- so it seems that device is functioning! Just a little notice- the device Ive got measures in ppm. If you want to know your mmols you have to convert ( 55 ppms is equal to 3.4 mmols for example)

The meter works very well

Hello, the measuring device reliably does exactly what it should and measures the ketones in respiratory gas in ppm and is significantly more accurate than the urine tests carried out in parallel, with which you could, at best, identify a trend.


Great bit of tech, very handy to have in your car for peace of mind

It works very well

I received it quickly and tested it last night with friends at a party, everyone having more or less alcohol, the device works perfectly. Wait 15 seconds after switching on and then blow until the beep stops.

Decent party item

Good item to have for parties or get togethers where there’ll be drinking. Definitely read the directions because when we first used it we thought our BAC was way higher than it actually was, assuming it wasn’t working right.

Does exactly what I expected

This ketone respiratory monitor is very easy to use and provides consistent readings. I can't say exactly how they are - but that is less important to me. The decisive factor for my use is that I can now reliably determine the status and trend of ketosis within 30 seconds without much effort. This has already given me some interesting insights in the short time I have been using the device. Like: 30g protein powder paralyzes my ketosis for 24 hours.